From School to School: Teachers Training Report - December 2018

Date : 11 and 12 December 2018
Place : Hariharpurgadhi Rural Municipality, Ward No. 4 Jutpani Sindhuli District Nepal .
Trainer : Carine Verleye and Paul Beké from Gent Belgium.
Trainees : 21 Teachers from Hariharpurgadhi and Bagmati Rural Municipality.
Facilitator : Michael Rai and Ganesh Sapkota from CEPP.


On December 11 and 12 CEPP organised a training for teachers from the schools where CEPP has implemented its new programme named Comprehensive Primary School Programme, aimed at improving the primary level of public education . This report is only a summary ( translated to English from Nepali) about the answer to a question : What do you want to teach your children ? asked by the trainers and answered in writing by the trainees.

Junu Ale Magar

I want to teach my children about:
• Personal sanitation
• How to respect the elder and love the younger.
• How to follow the rules and regulations of the school.

Shanti Astani Magar

• To follow the discipline of the class
• I will teach them how to count the numbers. And how to identify the colours using local materials..
• To match the pictures with their name card.
• To match pictures that are the same.

Panchi Rai

I am a teacher, that's why I need to be concerned about the psychology of my students. With regard to my concern about my student's likes and dislikes I will try to teach them to be a capable and good citizen of the nation.

Khem Kumari Pahadi

• To follow the rules and regulations of the class.
• To respect the elder and love the younger.
• To collect local teaching materials and use them.
• I will try to make my children skilled, wise and disciplined citizens of the nation.

Sangita Rai

Home is the first school of the children, so parents have to take good care of the children at home. When children come to school they can be nervous in the initial days, maybe they don't like school. I will try to make school as pleasant as home for the children and also support them to be a good and capable citizen of the nation.

Pema Dorge Lama

• Language skills : Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing.
• General mathematical activities for our daily practical life.
• I will teach the children about the history of our language, culture and tradition. And also give them knowledge about how to save this heritage for our future generations.
• To respect the elder and love the younger.
• Knowledge about the environment and nature.
• And also I will teach my children to adjust to a changing world and use modern technology.

Uttar Bahadur Pulami Magar

• I will make perfect to the children using the methods and skills learned by this training.

Ganga Rai

• I will make children happy.
• Try to make them obedient, skillful and good citizens of the nation.


• I will teach them to identify the colors.
• Ke Ke Cha Ke Ke Chaina Game (= a Kim game used to teach vocabulary)

Asmi Lama

• Personal sanitation
• How to respect the elder and love the younger.


• Discipline
• Language: Mother tongue first and then other languages.
• Vocabulary, to make sentences.


• Reading and writing.

Padma Jung Rai

As a teacher it is my responsibility to be careful about my students. I will try to teach my children as indicated by the full form of EDUCATION
E = Educated
D = Dedicated
U = Useful
C = Clever
A = Active
T = Trained
I = Identity
O = Optimistic
N = Nature

And these are the photos of the answer written by participants directly in the English language: