Festive opening of the extended Donkey Path

Feast in Mallaj:

On 15 October last, just a year after the original Donkey Trail was opened, a delegation from BIKAS had the pleasure to celebrate the expansion of that same Donkey Trail on the spot.

During the past summer, the Donkey Trail - which climbs up steeply from Beni - was paved over an additional 280 meters, so that it is now executed in concrete right up to the entrance of the village.
This could happen thanks to, among other things, a financing by the province of Antwerp.

Bikas chairwoman Betty Moureaux, returning from a trekking south of the Annapurna, brought along a whole group of Flemish people (and one Dutchman).
Already a long way before we reached the village, the local brass band was waiting for us. We were welcomed, with khata's and flowers, by Tek Bahadur Baruwal, the local project leader for the Donkey Path.

Feast in Mallaj

Under musical guidance we walked through the forest to the village, where the necessary speeches were held by the notables of the village. The highlight was the cutting of the ribbon by the Bikas chair at the entrance to the Donkey Path. Afterwards the new part of the path was festively walked in.

On the way to Beni we also paid a visit to the 'Shree Vidya Jyoti Higher Secondary School'. The village community would like to renovate four classrooms in an old school building and requested support from Bikas.
We leave this question to the wisdom of the BIKAS-board. The question is if the seventy-year old building meets the conditions to be able to continue functioning as a school building.
We keep our sympathizers informed of the further evolution.

Many thanks to the province of Antwerp for sponsoring this project.