BIKAS is a Belgian NPO that works with honest and committed volunteers to support small-scale development projects in NEPAL.
We carry out these responsible and sustainable projects discreetly, together with local communities and with respect for the local culture.

We stand in solidarity with those most in need.

From School to School - Kalidevi School Project

May 2022

CEPP – Centre for Educational Policies and Practices – aims to guarantee the right to primary education by improving education policies at all levels, especially at the local school level, making use of existing facilities. They represent a comprehensive education policy in Nepal, an education policy sensitive to social, cultural and environmental issues and relevant to the community. They work closely with local communities, politicians, teachers and children, they do a lot of field work and they have a good and long tradition of working with volunteers of all kinds...

Climate Change - Voices from Nepal

1 November - The news on the Flemish radio:

'' Today climate negotiations begin at COP 26, the 26th International Climate Conference. It is often called the Summit of the Truth. In 2015, world leaders in Paris agreed to keep global warming below 2 and preferably below 1.5 degrees, but exactly how we would do that has never been determined. Over the past 6 years, the amount of CO2 we send into the atmosphere has only increased, so now all countries will be asked what strict and concrete measures we are going to take to limit warming as much as possible and also how the rich countries will financially support the poorer countries that are already suffering much more from climate change. Global warming and change are accelerating. In some places it means extreme heat and forest fires, with us it was intense rainfall.''

Also in Nepal...