The schools of Haku

August 2023

Rainy season

The rainy season is in full swing. The plants that were recently sown and planted are already getting more than enough water. Schools are closed for a few weeks and will reopen before the end of the monsoon.
For some children, going to school during the rainy season is not easy. Heavy rains turn some paths into streams and landslides are no exception...

From school to school - Diary from Sindhuli District

August 2023

Diary from Sindhuli District

CEPP, the Centre for Educational Policies and Practices, operates in several districts. The newest working area is Makwanpur Gadhi, in Inner Terai: south of Kathmandu and where the plain changes to the hills. We reported on this in the previous edition of the Bikas magazine. Now we turn our attention again to the adjacent district of Sindhuli, where CEPP has been working for several years in various rural government schools with students, teachers, management and ...


BIKAS is a Belgian NPO that works with honest and committed volunteers to support small-scale development projects in NEPAL. We carry out these responsible and sustainable projects discreetly, together with local communities and with respect for the local culture. We stand in solidarity with those most in need. We strive for the most efficient use of resources and implement transparent communication with interested people, sponsors and government concerning our projects, the way we work, and our fundraising activities. We also subject our projects to interim analyzes and evaluations. BIKAS is more than the sum of the individual projects. Wherever possible, we work together or complement each other. Cooperation with other partners or international partners is also possible. We consider the exchange of knowledge and experience, both inside and outside the organization, as a key to success.