Haku: Maart 2016

Begin Maart vernamen we van Shilshila het volgende:

I met Ngawa yesterday, and according to him, the new 23 houses are extremely happy to receive the units and will be constructing the houses soon. Ramesh had sent me few pictures from Nessing where few families have already started living in the house. I was told almost half of the earlier houses have been built already. Due to a small technical problem with the CGI sheets (may be due to the wind there), some families have halted the construction for a while. So we are sending our engineer and technician this Friday to Rasuwa to give technical solution, to monitor the 30 units (pictures for all) and to construct a sample unit in Thulo Haku for the fire-affected families.

The ban, as mentioned in the article, hasn’t been circulated to us. But we’ll be meeting the NRA chief this week. Then only I’ll be able to give their version. For now, we’re carrying on with our implementation in other districts. As soon as we monitor the earlier Nessing units and confirm that they’re using it, we are planning to deliver the remaining units as well.

Transport van stalen profielen naar Haku

During the earthquake fire broke out in one house. The fire spread to 23 more houses. All these houses were destroyed. It was a difficult task to get the units to the village. These people are very thankful and praying for all of you.

Finally with the help of Betty, Armand , Shilshila Acharya ,Himalayan Climate initiative (HCI) and Bikas Belgium these people are happy to get the houses.

Ngawa Tamang