From school to school, a photographic journey

In November 2016, we worked for a month with CEPP, the Nepalese Centre for Educational Policies and Practices. CEPP wants to improve the quality of basic education in government schools in remote rural areas, mainly in the triangle Sindhuli / Makwanpur / Rautahat in the Inner Terai, south of Kathmandu, and also in Dolakha District, close to the Tibetan border.

We have teamed up with CEPP employees to give 4 practical trainings for ECD classes (Early Childhood Development – pre-school education) and for Class 1, 2 and 3 of primary education. At five other places we consulted with parents, teachers, the school management committee, pupils, the school principal and CEPP employees, about how a particular school can be improved.

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Sock puppets can make language lessons enjoyable: the children speak with the doll, not with the teacher, so they are less shy. Together with the teachers, we make our own rabbit-with-moving-ears, and a 'talking' dog.

Children come to the training even before teachers arrive ... They experiment with different materials.

Then they draw their own flashcards and memory games.

We ask the teachers to reflect on child-centred education. They confer among themselves and write on large sheets of paper what is typical for the world of young children, the people and animals they know, what children do, what they feel ... We repeat the exercise for children from 5 to 8. A lively discussion follows ...

A simple design ... a means to make teaching more friendly.

CEPP supports 33 schools in the Inner Terai, mostly near the Bagmati River. We moved on foot from one school to another.

'Education is a light': the CEPP slogan on one of the school walls.

Talking about the quality of education with teachers, parents, students and the people of CEPP.

A strong team! With CEPP employee Binod and teacher Satyadevi.

Students from LUCA School of Arts, Gent, along with parents, teachers and CEPP built a ‘Natural Playground’.Since then children no longer stay away from school. They come earlier than the starting time and stay on after school!

Teacher Bishnu is very proud of the classroom that she has arranged.

Some interventions are not so expensive, but can create an enjoyable classroom. CEPP employee Keshav encourages teachers to make an insulating bamboo layer beneath the metal roof.

Children are curious ... The game is designed by students of SVI Gijzegem.

The school in Dolakha District is severely affected by the earthquake ...

... but in the new classrooms we give a practical training to 30 teachers from 20 different rural schools in the area ...

Paul and Carine

We work with CEPP, the Centre for Educational Policies and Practices, a Nepalese NGO that aims to improve the quality of basic education.
They support the public schools, where education is free. CEPP wants to ensure that the poorest children get a good education, by informing parents about their rights and by motivating teachers.

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