Haku: Januari 2016

Net voor Kerstmis kregen we bericht van Shilshila over de 30 units die veilig in Nessing toekwamen:

The earlier 30 units have all reached safely. I sent all the remaining units that we had, to Nessing. For the next units, we have to wait till Jan 6 as the vendors will be providing us 50 units on that date. Then we’ll be sending to Haku.
However, before that, we are going to Dhunche (most possibly on 30th December) with Scholarships, blankets and warm clothes so that will be distributed in Nessing and Haku as well.

Op 2 Januari hoorden we van Shilshila dat dekens en kleren naar Haku zijn gebracht:

I’m going to Dhunche tomorrow where we are distributing scholarships and warm clothes to 50 students from Thulo Haku and Dhunche. Also, the next day, I’ll be going to Haku to distribute 100 blankets and other warm clothes for women (70 Bakhus) and children (83 warm Nepali vests called Bhoto).

Regarding the Resilient Homes unit, we’re getting the new 50 units delivered by Jan 6. After that, we’re planning to immediately deliver the remaining units to both Nessing and Thulo Haku. However, since the new Reconstruction Authority has been formed now,and they have come up with some new guidelines, there is a bit of confusion at the local CDO level. They might create some delay in implementing our work. However, I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to deal with that properly and get things done smoothly.

Het meest recente verslag ontvingen we op 18 Januari:

I am so happy to let you know that we could reach out to Haku with 98+31 blankets, 175 warm set of hoodies for the school doing kids, 60 traditional dresses for the women (Aangdung), 83 traditional warm vests for the small kids, and 50 scholarship packages for the children studying in Haku and Dhunche. The villagers were very happy. We’re sending 250 more pair of clothes for the kids there on Wednesday.

Regarding the reconstruction work, the local CDOs have again gone into the mode of ‘wait and watch’ as the new reconstruction authority has been formed. However, we got the information that they are fine as long as we construct the Resilient Homes in the land other than the main destroyed house as the government wants people to construct the Government Approved design in the place of the original damaged house. The Government work is starting only 1 year after the earthquake though (from April).

We are checking and getting all the remaining units for Haku and Nessing (59 units) for delivery within this week and also co-ordinating with the locals there. By now, we have a very good team of local National Volunteers ready in Haku (Thanks to Ngawa). We’re hoping that the CDOs wouldn’t create hassle to implement it there. If so, we’ll have to use the power of the local people :)

Also, the school kids are back in the village from Dhunche, all students reunited with their teachers and school. School is closed for Winter vacation now but they’ve already completed and started using the remaining 2 units for the classes before the vacation started. That’s the update for you for now. I’ll be compiling and sending a short update report to you all within this week.

Shilshila Acharya

Laatste informatie dd. 27 Januari:

Regarding news about Haku, the 250 pairs of clothes for children have already gone last week. We already have new 150 units of Resilient Homes at our premises, which were planned to be delivered this week. But we had the action group meeting on Monday to discuss about the implementation process and we all agreed to have few meetings with the authorities and get a bit clear on the policy implications before delivering the units. So, we’ve halted the units delivery for this week. Hopefully it will go out next week (if everything is clear on the policy side).
From the government, the only new news is that the Reconstruction will start from April 2016 and they are saying it’ll go on for 5 years. So, that’s a long time to wait for the homeless. So, our units as a transitional shelters would be even more crucial now, I think.
Shilshila Acharya